Day trip destinations

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Drouwerzand amusement park

Drouwenerzand amusement park is guaranteed to offer you a fun-packed day. There’s plenty to do for children aged up to 14 years old. One entrance fee, unlimited entertainment, including food and drinks. In addition to that, the amusement park is only 700 meters away from the campsite, so it can be easily reached on foot.

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WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen

In this new park you’ll embark on a world expedition with your family and friends, all in a single day. Experience the three continents of Jungola, Serenga and Nortica and come face to face with wild animals. It’s completely up to you how you want to experience this adventure and at what pace.

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DX Adventurepark Gasselterveld

DX Adventurepark is the largest open water park in the Netherlands! This adventure park is located in Gasselte near the public water lake "Het Gasselterveld". In this park you can have fun with the whole family or with your friends. There is a aquapark for children from the age of 6. This is a course on which you can slide, climb, swing, balance and even be launched from the blob. For the real daredevils there are spectacular water jumps that provide a real adrenaline kick.. 

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Sprookjeshof Zuidlaren amusement park

Are you looking for a day full of excitement and fun? Then come and spend the day at Sprookjeshof, which is bound to give enjoyment to young and old. It doesn’t really matter if the weather is nice or bad. All year long you can play both outside and inside. In addition to the outdoor playground and covered gnome climbing castle, there’s of course the fairytale park and petting zoo. And if that’s not enough you can make a cruise on lake Zuidlaardermeer as well. Read more

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Hunebed Centre

There are several dolmens (the Dutch name for dolmen is ‘hunebed’) in the direct vicinity of the campsite. A mere 5 km away, in Borger, you’ll find the largest dolmen of the Netherlands. Next to it they’ve built the Hunebed Centre. A special museum that’s housed in a special building. It’s your starting point for an unforgettable journey to prehistoric times. Read more

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The Boomkroonpad (literally: Tree Crown Path) is a tourist attraction of Staatsbosbeheer, a Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves. It is located about 3 km from the campsite in the forestry area of Gieten-Borger. Via a root tunnel and a spiral staircase you can reach this 125-metre long walking path along the ‘tree crowns’. The Boomkroonpad is the starting point for beautiful walks through the forestry area. You can also have lots of fun playing in the forest meadow or in the Lorkenspeelbos (play forest). Read more

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Joytime Leisure Activities (12 km)

At the recreational lake De Kleine Moere in Grolloo, you’ll find Joytime Leisure Activities. The site includes the Outdoor Experience Park, which is new and unique in the Netherlands, the Climbing Park Outdoor Grolloo and a beautiful pavilion with spacious terraces. That it’s difficult to explain how beautiful the location is and how unique the activities are, is clear time and time again from the surprised responses of the guests. What a fantastic place, is a frequently heard response. Read more

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Gnome Land

Join the adventure!

Playing through a mysterious rabbit hole, you can spy on gnomes up close.

Take an exciting trip through the troll cave, walk along a covered walkway past unusual plants and cute little exotic animals, to the enigmatic castle ruins.

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